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Horsethief was created by Elizabeth Sanchez in 2015. She began making jewelry after taking a night class to learn the basics of metalsmithing. Within a year her pastime turned into a small business. She has since grown her skills through research and hard-earned lessons of trial and error. Primarily employing traditional southwestern metalworking techniques and hand tools, she aims to forge an old soul aesthetic in her work using silver and stone. Each and every piece is handcrafted by Elizabeth in her home studio located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Horsethief produces jewelry with sustainability in mind. Each piece is crafted with a minimal amount of chemicals to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All stones used are ethically sourced from U.S. mines and cut by southwestern lapidary artists. The silver used is acquired from a company that recycles and mills precious metals. To reduce waste, all scrap is returned to that facility to be recycled.