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Horsethief is a pseudonym for Elizabeth Sanchez. Founded in 2015, this handcrafted collection of silver goods draws from the creator’s own lifestyle and experiences.

Elizabeth is a craftswoman with a background in graphic design. She began making jewelry after taking a class to learn the basics of metalwork. Within a year her newly developed metalsmith abilities turned into a second career. She has since grown her skills and knowledge through her time working at a Native American art gallery where she had the pleasure of learning metalworking techniques directly from visiting artists. Since leaving that position she has continued to learn through devoted research and the hard-earned lessons of trial and error.

Primarily using hand tools and employing traditional metalworking techniques, she aims to forge an old soul aesthetic in her pieces using silver and stone. Elizabeth’s work is inspired by folklore, archeology, the natural world, and her Spanish heritage. She is particularly attracted to exploring the concept of magical objects created with intention, such as talismans and amulets, to be worn for adornment as well as protection or manifestation of good fortune. Each and every piece is handcrafted by Elizabeth using authentic materials in her home studio located in Pittsburgh, PA.

In support of indigenous southwest artists Elizabeth sources the majority of her stamps and, when possible, stones directly from Native American owned businesses. All jewelry is produced with sustainability in mind. All stones used are ethically mined in the US. Each piece is crafted with a minimal amount of chemicals. The silver used is acquired from a company that recycles and mills precious metals. To reduce waste, all scrap is returned to that facility to be recycled.