Although I was born and bred in the Pennsylvania Wilds, I always knew I needed to go out west. That influence came from my mother whose love for southwestern jewelry was infused in me from an early age. After my first visit I’m certain that I left my heart somewhere between California and New Mexico. There is something about the southwest that lingered on my soul. This is a feeling I craved to recreate, even if it had to be from a thousand miles away.

After leaving my career as an agency web designer I took the risk of pursuing a new trade in silversmithing. By chance I began working part time at a local Native American art gallery where I had the pleasure to learn from artists and interact with incredible historic southwest jewelry. These distinct influences on my everyday life left me with no shortage for inspiration in my work. 

I have always been drawn to the story behind jewelry and the connections that people make with their pieces. When you wear handmade jewelry there is a subtle exchange of energy that happens. Once the artist has refined raw materials to a certain point, the owner then takes over the dialogue that this piece will have with the world- what this jewelry will signify, how it will make them feel, the occasions they will choose to wear it. After the artist sets their work free in the world, a really beautiful collaboration begins.

I very much respect the tradition of craftsmanship. Working slowly and producing my pieces the right way is very important to me. There is nothing like your mind and senses all working together to create something. I love the scars and dirt on my hands and bench telling the story of my work. I love feeling the weight and smoothness of a finished piece in my hand. One of my favorite ways to work is to take someone's vision and turn it into a custom piece. Knowing that we've created something together that will always be special to them is one of the most rewarding things about what I do.