Turquoise Serpent Bearer Ring

Turquoise Serpent Bearer Ring


A customer favorite, serpent bearer ring, made with Kingman turquoise from Arizona.

The serpent bearer design finds its inspiration in the constellation, Ophiuchus. This configuration in the sky shows Asclepius holding the constellation Serpens. In Asclepius’ story, he kills a snake and witnesses the animal’s resurrection after a second snake placed a revival herb on it before its death. As snakes shed their skin every year, they were known as the symbol of rebirth in ancient Greek society, and legend says Asclepius, who was a healer, learned to revive dead humans using the same technique he witnessed. 

Each ring is made by hand and therefore unique. The ring you will receive is very similar to what you see pictured. This is an adjustable style that can be sized up or down within the range specified.

Please note that this is a made to order item and can take up to 3 weeks to complete.

1 1/2” ± long

1/8” wide band

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