Jewelry Care 101

Caring for your handmade jewelry is essential to the longevity of your collection. With a little time and effort your Horsethief pieces will last you a lifetime.

Put it on last, take it off first.

Your jewelry is vulnerable to moisture, chemicals, and physical activity. After you are finished getting ready let jewelry be the finishing touch to avoid transfer from lotions, colognes/perfumes, hairspray and soaps. Before you go to bed, shower, swim, or engage in any physical activity be sure to remove your pieces to avoid any accidental harm.


Turquoise is a particularly sensitive stone. Chemicals and moisture - no matter how innocent they may seem - may change the color and/or dull your stone. I would not recommend wearing turquoise while doing any activities that expose it to these factors e.g., swimming, washing your hands/dishes, doing housework, and activities of this nature.


Silver will tarnish quickly when not in use. The best way to keep your jewelry nice and shiney is to wear it often.

Brass may patina quicker with wear depending on your body chemistry. Patina can be removed by polishing your brass using a soft toothbrush with toothpaste or a concoction of lemon juice and salt.

To clean your jewelry use a polishing cloth. Never use commercial jewelry cleaners. If a deep clean is required use warm water with gentle soap and a soft baby toothbrush to remove debris. Dry with a soft cloth.

Cleaning & Storage

Store your jewelry in a dry place out of direct sunlight in a plastic bag with a silica packet or anti-tarnish strip. Anti-tarnish bags are handy for travel and protection from the elements.