about horsethief


Growing up my mom introduced to me Native American and southwest jewelry. I immediately fell in love with stones and silverwork. Even as a kid I recognized the connection people make with their jewelry and that made a lasting impression on me. The amount of personal significance that can be attached to an object just the same as a photo still gets me. I love to hear about the meaning or memories behind what people wear.

Jewelry is very personal and symbolic. It represents so many things: status, relationships, memories. It becomes part of your identity. When you wear handmade jewelry there is a subtle exchange of energy. The artist brings the raw materials to a certain point, then the owner takes over and completes it. In time a silver ring will mold to the shape of your finger from your body heat. I think that’s a really beautiful collaboration between the artist and the owner.

I love the tradition of craftsmanship. Your mind and all your senses are working together to create something. I love the scars and dirt on my hands and bench telling the story of my work. There is nothing like feeling the weight and smoothness of a finished piece in my hand. One of my favorite ways to work is when I have the opportunity to collaborate on a custom piece for someone. Taking someone's vision, creating it and seeing their reaction is one of the main reasons I love what I do.